26 - 27 June,  Amsterdam

Europe: Digital Future

The EU’s ambitions in the digital economy are high. But in order for the bloc to become one of the leaders in the digital world, there are some collective hurdles to overcome.

Skills gap
The countries of the EU will be looking at a shortage of about 500,000 IT professionals in 2020 – the year the 10-year strategy for the economic advancement of the union was named after (Europe 2020). The European Commission has developed action plans to increase awareness and to attract young people to IT education. But will that be enough? At the summit, we will discuss this topic with CxOs and representatives of the commission.

Security crisis
Without secure data a Digital Single Market is doomed to fail. The NIS Directive went into effect last fall, and the implementation of the GDPR is on the books for next year. With the US, next steps should be taken to come to a new Privacy Shield agreement. In the meantime, cyber criminality is increasing year-on-year. We will discuss the latest developments with EC experts and CIOs.

The CIO’s role
At the organisational level there is work to do as well. How do you transform into an agile, innovative, industry-leading organisation? CIOs are more and more a facilitator of innovation, with digital transformation being at the core of their activity. We will share experiences and discuss the best methods to move forward.

Data smarts
Often, a successful transformation of the business hinges on the ability to turn massive amounts of data into meaningful information. A CIO needs to be data-savvy to provide the business with the right information on the right time. At the summit, we will therefore shed some light on modern day data techniques.

Target group
This event is organised exclusively for European CxOs. Meals, beverages and hotel accommodation are free of charge for CIOs, IT directors, board members responsible for IT, academics and representatives of EU institutions.

Join the discussion

We like to invite you to participate in the discussion with other attendees in the exclusive EuroCIO LinkedIN group. In it, you are free to discuss themes and topics that are to your interest so that we can deliver a programme that is even better suited to current developments. Join the discussion


This event is organised exclusively for CxOs and will start in the afternoon of 26 June (on invitation only). Meals, beverages and hotel accommodation are free of charge for CIOs, IT directors, board members responsible for IT, academics and representatives of EU institutions or when you are invited* by ICT Media, the European CIO Association (EuroCIO) or any of its partners.

*If you are not associated with any of the aforementioned parties, a registration fee of €1990 will be charged per attendee. If you have any doubts whether you qualify, please contact us.



Day 1
26 Jun 2017
Day 2
27 Jun 2017
13:30 - 14:30

Welcome and Registration

Cloud Boardroom International

*All EuroCIO National Bodies and Direct Members are invited and will receive an invitation to attend the Cloud Boardroom programme.

The Cloud Boardroom is an exclusive platform for CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and other C-level executives involved in cloud strategy. Participation in Cloud Boardroom is on a strictly personal basis and for the longer term.

In highly interactive and exclusive sessions, various subjects will be discussed, such as cloud as a flywheel for change, compliance and privacy, dealing with suppliers, and the interaction between IT and business. Moreover, we will discuss the experience of moving from on-premise to the cloud, managing a hybrid cloud environment, and the impact of the cloud on the current IT department.

EuroCIO Board Meeting

*only voor EuroCIO Board Members
Emmanuel Gaudin
Thomas Endres
16:00 - 16:30


Amsterdam Digital Experience Tour

This is an exclusive and inspirational walking tour with visits of the HQs of several Amsterdam-based organisations. The group will be welcomed by the IT decision maker of the respective organisations, who will share insights of their digital journey. We will visit among others:
  • Holland Casino, host: Mario der Weduwen, CIO
  •, host: Brendan Bank, CIO
  • Rijksmuseum, host: Rob Hendriks, IT Director
Brendan Bank
Rob Hendriks
Mario der Weduwen

Heineken Experience Tour

The Digital Experience Tour will end with the Heineken Experience. We will we be visiting the Heineken Brewery where Ing Yan Ong, CIO at Heineken, will tell us about the digital journey he has made with the company.
Ing Yan Ong

EuroCIO Dinner

*on invitation only

Dinner will be organised at the Heineken Experience Centre. CIO Platform Nederland Chairman, Marcel Krom will welcome the guests and dinner speeches will be held by Andre Richier and Willem Jonker.

Prof. Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital will be talking Deep Tech about how we can make Europe leading in the digital economy. He wonders for example why Google is not European. Jonker states that national digital platforms have no future. We should look on a European scale. EU global successes exist. Building a digital industry in Europe is all about ecosystems, up- and cross skilling your employees, hiring digital talents and a large-scale network. Jonker will spark you with his view about the digitalisation of the Industry. What can you do?
André Richier
Willem Jonker
Marcel Krom

General Assembly

*members only


Emmanuel Gaudin
Thomas Endres

CIO Testimonial

Marcel Krom

European Trusted Cloud in the context of the Digital Single Market

Head of Sector Dirk van Rooy of the European Commission will speak about the Commission’s activities with European cloud stakeholders, the renewal of the cloud industry platform and the need for increasing cloud users’ engagement.

The Digital Single Market is a major policy initiative, adopted by the European Commission in 2015, with a mid-term review in 2017. It addresses consumers and businesses, innovative services and the continued development of the digital economy, including the data economy. Data has been dubbed, variously, as the oil or fuel of the digital economy. The mechanisms to exploit data to their full potential include high-performance networking and computing, cloud computing in a wide sense including edge computing, big data analytics, digitalization of industry and public sector, Internet of Things, and the all-important skills issue. Cloud computing is the subject of a long-standing European policy, and to reap the full benefit and avoid pitfalls its adoption has to be subject to strict security and privacy protective measures, and balanced and clear contracts. Data integrity, ownership and liability have to be ensured. Data have to be accessible and usable across the entire digital single market, within a global context.
Dirk van Rooy

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business

In 2017, AI has made its way from machine room to wide-spread business application. The breakthrough has been spurred by advances in processing power and data availability, with algorithms now rendering vision and speech accessible to machines – in short: Moving AI from the virtual to the real world. Self-learning algorithms are now routinely embedded in mobile and online services and power applications from self-driving cars to financial trading. The implications of AI are profound and affect all industries and functions.

The impact on IT is significant in two ways – firstly, IT is a key enabler for transformation of the business with AI and secondly, the IT function itself will be transformed by the rise of AI. For IT leaders it is essential to understand the challenges and opportunities of AI to leverage its competitive advantages. In this session we will give you a brief overview on AI in general and then focus on practical use cases and how to get started.
Martin Hecker
10:15 - 10:45

Coffee Break

The Future of our Species

UK-born Neil Harbisson has been colour-blind since birth. He had an antenna implanted in his skull that converts colours into audible frequencies and allows the artist to perceive a symphony of colours. Harbisson’s antenna enables him to hear the entire colour spectrum, even colours that are outside his range of vision or colours that are invisible to the naked human eye. In his keynote, Harbisson emphasizes that intervening in our human evolution is no longer...
Read More
Neil Harbisson

The Rise of Digital Platforms

Seasoned and experienced Digital Strategy Director & Thought leader with 30 years of practical experience in Business Transformations & Turn Around programs with a strong digital component as a CIO/CEO or senior executive.
Ken van Ierlant

Debate session

The EU’s ambitions in the digital economy are high. But in order for the bloc to become one of the leaders in the digital world, there are some collective hurdles to overcome. In this session, representatives of the European Union, EuroCIO Association and Partners(suppliers) will debate about the questions what they need from each other to support all separate and collective ambitions. Moderation is in the hands of Mr. Rob Beijleveld, Publisher CIO Magazine and Moderator

The European Commission:
- Mr. André Richier, Principal Administrator, DG for Internal Market, Industry & Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission
- Mr. Dirk van Rooy, Head of Sector, European Commision

The European CIO Association (EuroCIO)
- Mr. Emmanuel Gaudin, CIO, Lagardere & Co-Chairman, European CIO Association
- Mr. Thomas Endres, Chairman Voice & Co-Chairman, European CIO Association

Representing the Vendors/supply-side of the market:
- Ms. Luisella Giani, Digital Director EMEA, Oracle
- Mr. Fred Streefland, EMEA Product Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks
Fred Streefland
Luisella Giani
André Richier
Dirk van Rooy
Emmanuel Gaudin
Thomas Endres
12:00 - 13:00


IT professionalism and bridging the eSkills gap

Europe will be struggling with a shortage of about 500.000 IT professionals in 2020. The EC has developed action plans to increase awareness and to attract young people to IT education. EuroCIO is involved in many projects. We will discuss the steps that can be taken to address the shortage with the EC and industry leaders at this session.
Andrea Parola
Olli Hyyppä
André Richier
Ronald Verbeek

Security and data privacy

Without secure data, the Digital Single Market is doomed to fail. The implementation of the GDPR is an important priority for next year. And with the US, next steps have to be taken considering a new Privacy Shield agreement. In the meantime, cyber criminality is increasing year-on-year. We will discuss the latest developments with EC experts and CIOs at this session.
Fred Streefland
Joseph Mager
Gerrie de Jonge
John McCarthy

How can CIOs drive the innovation of their organization

The role of the CIO is shifting more and more towards facilitating innovation. Increasingly, digital transformation is at the core of his or her activity. CIOs are asked about new technologies for business innovation. In this session, we will discuss the best way forward.
Tino Scholman
Henrik Trepka
Emmanuel Gaudin

How to combine the power of innovation with operational excellence for improved business model setups

How do we bring our company in a powerful and sustainable competitive position? Combining approaches for effective digital innovation management with a context of scalability and operational excellence. Drivers for performance are smart organisational setups, capable tech architectures serving topics like Industry 4.0 or harvesting results from data and the readiness to improve or redesign the own business model setup.
Luisella Giani
Peter Knapp
Thomas Endres


Reporting about four workgroups; some key lessons
Emmanuel Gaudin
Thomas Endres
15:30 - 16:00



End of EuroCIO Summit 2017


Park Hotel, Amsterdam
Stadhouderskade 25, 1071 ZD Amsterdam, Netherlands
(+31) 73 - 614 00

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